Area 07


California Northern Interior Area (CNIA) is one of six General Service Areas in California. Our Area extends from the Oregon border in the inland valleys south to Kings and Tulare Counties. Area 07 (CNIA) has 29 active Districts including four Spanish Language Districts. Fresno County has three Districts, 41, 42 and 43. We are District 43.


There are 93 Areas in the US and Canada. There is one Delegate for each Area. Delegates make up more than two-thirds of the voting members at the General Service Conference every year in New York. Other voting members of the Conference include the General Service Office Trustees, AAWS directors, Grapevine directors, GSO and Grapevine staff. Delegates represent AA groups in the US and Canada fulfilling the ultimate responsibility for AA’s World Services.


There are eight regional trustees, six from the United States and two from Canada. Regional trustees bring to the board’s discussions a regional A. A. point of view and experience that is invaluable.